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Welcome to Songbird

Your journey to producing great music begins here. 

About the Songbird service

A lot of new songwriters and musicians don’t feel they have the financial support or the knowledge required to produce high quality music. They just want their song to be heard and to get it out as quickly and simply as possible.  


As an adventurous Musician and Creative Designer, I co-work with individuals who are starting out in the music industry to equip their creative process with a clear vision understanding their dreams and goals, and with the right skills to showcase their talent through professional music production, brand design and content creation.​


The aim is to give you a confident head start in the music industry and help you discover your appropriate audience; one that will

form a strong community and give you a relevant voice.

I believe that we are placed in our communities for a reason; to share a message of hope and faith, and to show compassion for our fellow human-being.​

How does it work?


Purpose Evaluation

An introductory Zoom call

and first consultation

to establish your values

and goals.  


Music Production

Now it's time to properly record and mix your song with reference to your goals. We will seek out professional feedback throughout the production process to get the best results. Zoom call check-in and brainstorming session for content creation.


Song Formation

Tying your values and goals together into concepts for songs. 
Plus a songwriting workshop, helping to understand lyrical structure and melody.


Mastering and Release Plan

Further feedback from industry professionals during the mastering process. Time to establish a music release plan, design album art, lyrics cards, promotional content, and any merchandise.


Acoustic Demo

Initial digital recording session to establish the song as a whole accompanied by instruments.

We will use this time to adapt your social media pages/platforms and  create some video content to document the song process and introduce you to some

helpful contacts.


Song Launch

Follow up on your posting schedule, pitching to playlists with your release ready song. Website portfolio critique. Finding sponsors for your music at events. Once your music is launched, it's time

to celebrate!

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