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'How To Paint In Acrylics' (ArtSpeak Workshop)

In February 2021, I began working on a series of 3 videos, each about half and hour long teaching the basics of acrylic painting. This was a totally new venture for me, but it was exciting and a lot of fun producing and seeing it come together in the editing process. In the past, I have used Adobe Premier Pro on occasions for studies, but now I was using DaVinci Resolve, a brilliant free software that is at industry standard level for filmmaking. Using my phone camera, I was still able to film this series at a good quality. It amazes me how capable technology is nowadays. It was perfect for what I needed to produce. This whole project not only enabled me in learning new skills in editing, but also gave me confidence in tutoring and thinking practically how to teach online. You can see all three videos at


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